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My 5 Favorite Coffee Shops

HAPPY 2020!
It might be a new decade, but nothing has changed with my coffee addiction.
I'm 99% sure I started drinking coffee when I was around 7, so I've had a strong 12 years to build this obsession of mine. Moving away to college from my hometown in Mississippi, where the best place to get coffee is McDonald's, to a city that has coffee shops left and right was a culture shock in the very best way possible.

A few weeks into college, I applied to be a writer for Spoon Arkansas, and my first idea (one that I'm still working on) is trying every coffee shop in Fayetteville. But like I said, there are SO many coffee shops in the area- I've settled on 20 places to go to and that's not even near all of them. It's taken a whole semester and a whole lot of money to try the ones I have-- and even then I haven't gotten to all 20 yet.
I have however, found my favorites of the bunch that I've had the chance to try so far, so I thought it would be fun to sha…

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