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Road Trip Along the West Coast

Roughly four years ago I made several posts about my trip to California when we took my oldest brother, Strack, to Chapman University his freshmen year. So four years have come and gone, and well, he graduated! As a little celebratory graduation trip, my whole family (parents, both brothers, and myself) went on a trip along the west coast. I don't even think the trip was my brother's idea, but I'm sure he enjoyed it, anyway. The plan was to originally start in northern California and make our way up to Washington, but since Strack has lived in California for a while he said he wanted to spend more time in Oregon and Washington. 
My parents, middle brother-- Adrian, and I met Strack in Portland and we spent a day there basically just eating and shopping. Mostly eating. 
Our first stop was lunch/brunch. We had woken up at 2 in the morning to get to our flight and it was only 12 in the afternoon when we finally landed in Portland because of the time change. After scoping out some…

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