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Bloody Berry-Beet Jelly Filled Donuts + Chocolate Spider Webs

Happy 13 days until Halloween!

I felt like 13 days before the big day was the perfect time to post my first spooky treat... or trick.

While these jelly-filled sugar-coated donuts look completely innocent, they're hiding an unexpected surprise... BEET JELLY!

It might sound a little scary (I mean, it is Halloween), but trust me on this one. The beets add an earthy, subtly sweet bite to what would've been an overly-sweetened donut.
I've always thought beet and chocolate harmonize nicely... plus the chocolate spider web on top adds the cutest Halloween decoration. I used dark chocolate, but I think white chocolate would mellow the intense flavors and not compete with the beet as much as a bolder dark chocolate does. I'm always partial to dark chocolate, though.

The main reason I even chose to make a beet jelly in the first place was that it seemed like the perfect deep, rich red color to imitate blood as naturally as possible.

This jelly, though, is my new favorite thing. …

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