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Pork Gyro Stuffed Cacuzza Squash

Guess what season it is??

Okay, yeah... So it's the best season ever-- Halloween/Thanksgiving/My Birthday/Christmas/New Years/etc. But besides that...
It's Cacuzza Season!!

So my neighbors have this plant in their backyard, a Cacuzza plant. A Cacuzza (pronounced Kuh-Goo-Dza) is an abnormally long Italian squash... and my dad ALWAYS makes sure to make fun of it. It's safe to say he really isn't the biggest Cacuzza fan. He refuses to eat it because he swears that it's some wild plant that's inedible, no matter how many times I've told him differently. It's okay, though. It's his loss and that means there is more Cacuzza for me!

Anyway, it tastes kind of bland (but don't worry, the filling in this dish definitely makes up for the lack of flavor in the squash.) When raw, the inside resembles a white cucumber. The texture after cooked is similar to a cross between a zucchini and an eggplant.
My neighbors always make sure to give me a few each time th…

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