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Half-Baked Triple Chocolate Sundaes

It's Food Network Star season!!!

Like I've said many times before... I am a winter person. I like the cold and fuzzy socks and warm clothing and hot drinks and anything that has to do with Christmas. I also despise the heat. I'm just not really a summer person. I don't like water or swimming or beaches that much.  BUT... there's one thing I look forward to every summer that makes the insanely humid weather a little less dreadful. And that's Food Network Star.

Personally, I think Food Network Star has turned into a really cheesy reality TV show that probably is more acting than actual cooking. And the fact that the winners never actually get a continually running show ticks me off. I also think that Food Network itself has turned into one big game show and that couldn't be more disappointing... but that's a rant for another time. Despite what Food Network Star has turned into, it's still nostalgic and exciting for me to watch every Monday morning wh…

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