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Cinnamon Roll Chocolate Hazelnut Pie

I've been waiting for this since January...
I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving if they celebrated it:)

As much as I love November--with my birthday and Thanksgiving and the crisp fall weather--it's finally time for the Christmas season! I'm not ashamed to admit that I've been counting down for the past month already, but, now, the real countdown begins. I'm so ready to see all of the houses light up with decorations in the next few days!!
While we're on the subject, we're about to go in FULL Christmas mode for the next month. And I have lots of fun treats that I'm so excited to share! 
Starting with this one... 
But before I dive into how delicious this crazy treat is... I want to apologize for the photography of it. I made this pie under pressure to have the entire kitchen clean in less than an hour before some family came in for Thanksgiving, so a quick snap on my phone was the only picture I could get. Just trust that this pie is not only divi…

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