Apricots and Sage... Revisited

Hey, so it's been a while.

"A while" as in like 7 months. And 7 months way too long at that.

A whole lot of major life stuff has gone down since my last post. Like graduating high school, deciding where to go to college, moving into college, and actually doing the whole college life thing. Plus a few other exciting moments in between. I've been debating how to go about keeping up with Apricots and Sage over the next four years while I'm in school. Especially how to keep up with it my freshman year without having the luxuries of a real kitchen, money to buy food with, and time to actually cook. I debated so long about this that now freshman year is kind of almost close to being halfway over?? Time has really flown by, but now that I'm finally getting settled into this next phase of my life, I am ready to start prioritizing A&S again.
So, let's catch up.

As I said earlier, I'm a freshman in college (by the way it's crazy to think about how I started this when I was 11 and here we are today!!!!), studying Food, Nutrition, and Health (maybe thinking about picking up a minor in journalism or business later). I also am a member of Spoon University for my school-- which is really cool because it's basically what I do here but I actually have an audience larger than my family and friends!! Once I start posting articles for that, I will link them here--but I haven't really had time for that either...

My plan for this site now is to basically turn it into a college lifestyle/food blog, posting restaurant reviews, farmer's market finds (my new town has an amazing farmer's market!!), travels, new cookbooks (it also has the coolest bookstores with some of my favorite used books), and recipes here in there whenever I get the chance to test some out.

That's it for now! Just wanted to give y'all a little update on my life and the future of this blog. Until my next post, enjoy a few pictures of some delish food and fun adventures from the summer/the first couple of months of college :)

IN-N-OUT in Dallas

Saturday Farmer's Market

Savoy Tea Shop

BOMB Beet & Grapefruit Salad our friend made

First coffee in my dorm room

Espresso break in Nashville

Poke Bowl from a local place in my college town

Polenta + Veggies + Parm

Cecilia A.


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