Coconut Grit Sugar Scrub

Okay, so this is definitely not food.

But it is made of all edible ingredients, so I think it still works on a food blog. Plus it's magical, so I just have to share it.
Seriously, I swear by this stuff...

Well, I swear by coconut oil. It's the cure for everything. I honestly think it could cure cancer, somehow, someway.

The point is, I use coconut oil like crazy. Here are just a few of its many uses:

-Frying tortillas to make tostadas 
-Heal a burn
-Makeup remover
-Hair moisturizer/frizz remover
-Body moisturizer
-Making chocolate "magic" shells for ice cream
-And this scrub.

Besides its functionality, it also has crazy health benefits. Read more about them here and here.
And pretty much any health blog/website on the internet...

I know a grit scrub sounds weird... I never would've thought grits would make a good exfoliator, but trust me, it's a miracle worker.

So one day I was walking around my favorite local store with my mom, and I saw this "Grit Scrub" made with oil, sugar, and grits. Besides the fact that it sounded kind of delicious (maybe replace the oil with butter and cook the grits first, though) it really intrigued me. I was about to buy it when I realized, I could make that exact $10 jar with ingredients at my house.

And so I did.

Except, I tweaked it a little. Of course.

The base is coconut oil, coconut sugar, salt, and grits- but from here you can add some fun touches like scented oils, herbs, citrus, spices, etc.
I added cinnamon and vanilla bean to mine to make it extra sweet smelling, and then I threw in a squeeze of lemon to add some citrus for extra skin brightening-- probably not the best combination as far as taste, but it definitely smells amazing.

Next time I make a batch of it, I think I'll add a little grated ginger, lime and mint oil into it because, well, who doesn't want to always smell like they just got back from a Caribbean island??

Coconut Grit Sugar Scrub

1 cup coconut oil (not melted)
1 cup stone ground grits- rinsed and dried
1 cup coconut sugar
2 tbs. sea salt
1/2 lemon- juiced
2 tbs. lemon zest
1 tbs. ground cinnamon
1 vanilla bean- insides scraped

Mix all ingredients together with hands until all is combined and it feels thick and exfoliating. If too thick and dry, add more coconut oil. Store in a jar or container, and use as wanted.

                                                                                          -Cecilia A.


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