Chocolate Coconut Matcha Breakfast Shake

Mondays are... well, Mondays. No one likes them, and no one definetely wants to wake up before sunrise on them.

The only things waking me up this Monday morning are 
1. The fact that it's my last week of school before summer break.
2. This chocolate coconut matcha "shake".

Yes. A shake for breakfast. No, not a smoothie. This is absolutely as thick and creamy (and chocolatey) as a milkshake. Seriously, so. much. chocolate. 

It's also jam-packed with filling superfoods to keep your stomach at bay until lunch. 

And it takes no time to whip up, especially if you prep all the mix-ins the night before. Luckilly, I did, and it was made and devoured in less than 10 minutes (which is good considering I woke up 20 minutes before school).

Chocolate Coconut Matcha Breakfast Shake-

1/2 frozen overripe banana
1 cup frozen blueberries
2 big handfuls fresh spinach
1 tbs. chocolate protein powder
1 tbs. chia seeds
1 tbs. cacao powder
1/2 tbs. matcha powder
1 pitted date
1 heaping tbs. full fat coconut cream
1 tbs. almond butter (or a small handful raw nuts)
3/4 cup coconut water
1/4 cup cashew milk

Blend it all up, fill a mason jar to the brim with it (smoothies taste a lot better this way), and top with rehydrated goji berries & cacao nibs.

I know, I know... A LOT of ingredients. But this shake is the bomb. So just trust me.


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