Warm Goat Cheese and Grilled Chicken Flatbread w/ Watermelon Mint Salsa

While I was in California, I tried a few different flat breads and was inspired to create one of my own on the way home. On the plane, I was reading my food network magazine and I came across a bunch of flat bread ideas. That really got me inspired to make something I had never tried before. I wanted to make something fresh and light to finish the summer of with, so I decided on something with watermelon. My idea wasn't really so out of the box but it sounded delicious to me... and it was. I first had the idea to do a watermelon citrus salsa with some sort of cheese. I think I was deciding between goat, brie, mascarpone, Havarti, and Gouda. When I got home and went to the grocery store I decided on goat cheese. I also forgot to get grapefruit which was going to be one of my key ingredients in the flat bread. So when I got back home for lunch I tried it out. We had leftover grilled chicken in the fridge and I thought that would be good for some protein. 

The watermelon we had was HUGE!!! 

So I only needed like an eighth of it for my salsa and I still had some left over. Makes 4 servings.


3 cups chopped watermelon (big chunks)
2 small cucumbers (cubed) peeled
1/2 cup halved yellow tomatoes
1 lime juiced & zested
1/2 jalapeno (diced)
salt & pepper
1 drizzle honey

Pulse in food processor (cucumber, jalapeno, and tomato and until most of it is into smaller chunks. Add the watermelon and pulse lightly until all is chopped to the right consistency you wish for (I like mine a little chunky). Add the lime, honey, and salt & pepper. Stir in.


2 Naan flat breads
about 3 oz. goat cheese
salt, pepper
grilled chicken (cut into strips)

Spread the room temp. goat cheese on the flatbread leaving about a 1 inch border. Spread an even layer down on both. Drizzle a tiny bit of honey, salt & pepper over the cheese. Broil until lightly bubbly and golden (about 3 minutes).
Lay the chicken down and heat it under the broiler for another 2 minutes or until warmed.
Scoop some fresh salsa right on top. Finish with chopped mint.

This recipe is so simple and delicious!

Well now I'm about to go make dinner for my brother and I...

                                                                                                                  XOXO -Cecilia A.


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