California- Day 7 (my last day)

Currently I'm ony last flight back home (and then a 2 and a half hour drive). It's been a pretty long day but I didn't blog last night because I wanted to have something to do on the plane. So it's technically day 8 but I'm posting yesterday's now. So basically I'm just going to skip my whole day and go straight to dinner because our lunch was well... 5 guys. So our dinner (aka our last dinner with my brother before we left) was probably one of the best meals I had in a LONG time. The restaurant was amazing and so cute- they had valet parking for free and it was delicious. The owners (a married couple) actually came over and talked to us for a while- they were so sweet and it was great. The restaurant's called Means & Ways. If you ever stumble across Orange County area I really reccomend this restaurant. The food's so fresh and there are so many options! I had the ahi poke and sauteed greens w/ hollandaise- everything was amazing!!! My ahi poke hit the spot- i'm always craving ahi tuna (my favorite fish) 
with avocado puree

and my greens were the absolute best I have ever had. They had a bite to them which I liked. They weren't just plain bland greens which are what most restaurants serve when they have "sauteed greens". It was so upscale but simple.

 The taste is unexplainable. Also my dad had the corn with his sea bass (i think). So good. The best creamed corn I have ever had. It was so unique and just a different take on normal cream corn. I really want the recipe. It's too good. And for dessert I ordered basically a deconstructed cheesecake- a bruleed marscapone ball with graham cracker crumbs, honey, and grapefruit. And my dad ordered the chocolate kiss cake with ice cream.

We all split the desserts... well I ate most of it... and each had coffee- which was amazing dark coffee. Overall our last night soaking up the California sun went great. We took my brother back to his dorm and said our goodbyes until November. Thus ends my California blogs. 

                                    XOXO -Cecilia A.


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