California Day 3

Probably going to be a quick blog because I am SO tired right now..

So this morning I woke up pretty late (for me at least) and then just relaxed and got ready for the day. We were out by 11:00 & parted separate ways for food- my dad & brother at In N Out Burger and my mom and I at this cute & delish restaurant right outside the closest mall to us- Seasons 72... when you walk in you can just smell the fresh ingredients in the air! Plus each meal was under 475 calories!! We started with sparkling water & lime, split a flatbread- this place had so many choices! We got a fig & bacon flatbread- one with figs, bacon, onion, balsamic, arugula, and goat cheese.. it was perfect and so so filling! It was 8 total halves so we each got 2 full squares. Then we each had a "small salad" which weren't small by the way but they weren't huge so it was okay- plus they were amazing. I had the tomato, warm herb, and crusted mozzarella salad and my mom had the tomato & hass avocado salad with arugula. Both were delicious and very filling. Perfect start to a day of shopping.. for my brother. So overall our lunch was great- just fresh and light! 


tomato & mozzarella salad

After many hours of shopping my mom and I were back at our hotel room with my brother & dad and getting ready for the rest of the night. After a long debate of where we should go for dinner we decided on this really nice sounding french place... well little did we know it was in the mall and in the strangest and most unknown spot. Sooner or later we found it and it definitely exceeded my expectations. First the water had a lime slice in it which was perfectly refreshing and then we had about 4 different waitors... one of them (who brought the bread) had 2 types of bread- wheat & french- both were amazing and tasted fresh baked. The butter was to die for... literally. We all ended up getting more food than we could even dream about actually eating... First as an appitizer for himself my brother got the bone marrow
I snuck a small bite! haha (this was absolutely delicious- especially the asparagus)

Then I had the Lobster Dumpling Soup- Lobster dumplings in a broth with pickled mushrooms on top.. perfect combination of flavors. 

And for my main course I had the duck and canard confit- with cherry chutney, and pickled slaw.

Every element about it was special and complimentary to the other parts. I loved it. 

And for dessert- well we all know what happens when you ask for the dessert menu just to look- I do that all the time (i just like to look for inspiration) well then you come across a beignet w/ butterscocth pot de creme. And that's how another 15 dollars is added to your meal. It was the best 15 dollars I've ever tasted though...

So that was my day 3 in the beautiful state of California... See you tomorrow with another blog hopefully full of light & fresh food! 

                                 XOXO     -Cecilia A.


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