California Day 2- College shopping, A bad haircut, Some great Cuban food, & Amazing sushi

Sadly, I woke up early- It was around 9:30 where I live so I haven't gotten used to the time change yet. We got ready, went to our hotel's restaurant and ordered fruit and some coffee, and drove around my brother's college. After that we went to church and then went to hunt down some lunch. We went into this really funky downtown area and passed by this really cool looking cuban place- It was literally called "Authentic Cuban and Spain Style Cuisine". Well it was REALLY good. So far we haven't had a bad meal here and I'm loving the town (too bad I can't stay here) But it's okay because it still doesn't beat New Orleans.. Well anyways the menu was huge and I had a really tough time deciding as I always do until I came across a Crab Crepe with Cream Spinach, Saffron Rice, and Plantains that were baked and sweetened  And this dish suddenly took me back to an Italian restaurant I went to every year on my birthday in my grandparent's town. They had my all-time favorite dish at the time- Seafood Crepes. Looking back it was insanely rich and I don't know how I would eat it all and then a whole cannoli, but I did. So I had to get it... and it was delicious! Oh also the bread there... almost as amazing as the pizza crust the night before! My crepes were almost thicker than they should be but I liked it because of how much filling was in it. The filling had a kick to it- packed with onions, peppers, crab, I think scallops but I forgot, a light Cuban cream sauce, and tons of flavor. The cream spinach was divine... it was honestly more cream than there was spinach but it still tasted so unique. My rice was again.. amazing but i didn't eat much of it because of how rich my main course was. And finally the plantains... they were perfectly sweetened with a light crisp on the edges and so so so soft on the inside. 

No need for dessert when you have that! Well right after that we took a peek in some antique shops and then right as we were about to get in our car we passed by a barber. Well my brother basically has had a (small) fro his entire life and it's always been big. My mom has always cut it because no one else could do it without cutting it all off. So since he's going to college we thought we'd find someone who could cut his hair. Well we walked in to the barber and looked around to see if he liked it and he said he did so he decided to get his sides trimmed- well let's just say that ended in all of his side almost completely bald and the top as poofy as ever- a bad haircut. We had to cut the guy off before he could even finish because of how short he was cutting it. It was almost painful to watch. So we left and went back to our hotel and my mom cut the rest off leaving as much curl as she could. It looks fine now but it just doesn't look like my brother anymore. But hopefully in a few weeks it will be all grown out and frizzy and curly again! So after the traumatic hair situation we finally got back out and got most of his dorm room shopping done. About 4 hours later we were back at our hotel getting ready for the night. We went to the hotel's bar and I ordered a virgin pineapple mojito which was basically all pineapple, and then searched for a place to eat. Our car was full of yelling about directions for about 20 minutes until we found a cool japanese place. Thinking I was going to order light because it is a sushi place, I was excited for a refreshing meal. Well that plan all collapsed starting with the edamame, then the beef carpaccio, mushroom miso soup, salad, then 8 salmon rolls, a piece of real sushi, and one of my mom's rolls. Which was all delicious but very filling, even though I split the salad, soup, edamame, and carpaccio. I had the double salmon roll- salmon, cucumber, avocado, smoked salmon on top, thin tempura onions, and baked aioli. 
our half eaten kobe beef carpaccio

It was hands down the best sushi I've ever had. And I've had some pretty darn good sushi...

Tip of the post: If you happen to stumble upon a Starbucks and you just want something cool and refreshing but not too sweet- get a cool lime refresher but ask for it blended. (That was my favorite part of Target) :)

                                                                                                XOXO -Cecilia A.


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