California Day 1

We flew into California yesterday (we're taking my oldest brother to college). I'm going to try to blog everyday about my experiences and especially the food! The last time I was here I was a lot younger so it's exciting being able to actually enjoy the city. I was too tired to blog last night so there will be 2 blogs today! So starting yesterday... I woke up around 3:30 AM to get to the airport on time (it's 2 hours away). I had a blueberry crunch bagel, fruit & a Lime Refresher from Starbucks, our first flight was at 8, and then I had a smoothie in the Phoenix airport. Our last flight was at 10 and then finally we were in California at 12. We got to our hotel and ate lunch. I had a salad with honey crisp apples, butter lettuce, pecans, and goat cheese, and a HUGE bowl of vegetable soup- It was nice having light food after the bagel I had. But the vegetable soup was AMAZING!!!! It just tasted fresher and lighter than the normal tomato based vegetable soup I'm used to in the south. 

my gorgeous salad...

But anyways after that we came back to our hotel room, my mom & I were going to get our nails done & then everyone fell asleep. I guess the lack of sleep finally kicked in but after a couple hours of resting we were back on our feet and getting ready for the night. We left our hotel not knowing where we were heading and we came across this quaint little pizzeria, well when we walked in it was a GORGEOUS Italian restaurant. And you know when an Italian (or any type of) restaurant is authentic when you can't pronounce any of the words. Let me just say the food was amazing. Every kind of pizza you could ever dream of on the absolute best crust... the trick? 300 year old starter in the dough. It was delicious. They also had pastas and salads and fish and chicken too but I just had to get a pizza. Their version of a caesar salad was amazing too. My pizza was a fontina, mascarpone, asparagus pizza (no sauce) with a fried egg plopped right on top. It was unbelievable... the dough was perfectly thin and the crust was a little doughy- which is my kinda pizza! 

 And for dessert? Well I was deciding between the chocolate creme with caramel layers (in a mason jar.. How cute!) or the rum soaked brioche w/ pistachio gelato. I know the second one probably sounds better- well it did to me at least. But the waiter said the chocolate one was amazing so I told him to pick. Well he brought out the brioche and oh I'm glad he did. That was one of the best desserts I've ever had... next to "chocolate decadence" at a restaurant in Hot Springs- a chocolate mouse, chocolate chip/raspberry bread pudding, and a chocolate ganache. Anyways so that was my first night in California- perfect.

                                                                                                              XOXO -Cecilia A.


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