It's kind of crazy how much I love New Orleans... I really don't think i love anything as much of that city. Eh maybe my family.. and I would say food but foods all apart of New Orleans.. so that doesn't count. Even my brother noticed it, on the way back from our trip of spring break my oldest brother looks at me and says "why does this city make you so crazy?" and i just said "i love it so much.."    he looked at me and laughed.    
Well anyways we went for a trip for my uncle, thank you uncle freddy by the way, and the food was as good as it always is..  almost as good as the very first time I went to New Orleans.. there's something about that first time that seems like nothing on the planet could top that ever in your lifetime and the next. I will never forget how absolutely incredible  that first oyster i had at Felix's was. AMAZING. 
   Anyways back to my trip.. it was awesome.. I didn't get to go to my favorite store, kitchen witch (a cookbook store)  because it was closed on the only day we had free time, we had other days but my mom tripped in our hotel room and did something weird to her leg.. a really long name I didn't bother to remember.. but basically she couldn't walk around that much so we didn't go shopping that much.. But luckily I actually took pictures of the food before they were never to be seen in that perfectly delicious state ever again. So i'll show you every little bit of joy and happiness I had on my trip, cause that's all I got out of it.. anyways.. here ya go! 

my favorite part of New Orleans.. <3

okay so here's a story.. Commander's Palace.. AMAZING! but this was a portion of my food.. the best thing i've ever had.. Foie Gras Du Monde.. a beignet inspired foie gras.. which i have never tried foi gras before alone but I went for it.. and it was absolutely and utterly amazing.. but here's the story.. you see that delicious looking coffee shot right there? well the little sip i got was the best coffee I've veer had.. next to Cafe Du Monde's   but my brother reaches over and "accidentally" knocks it over.. in a 5 star restaurant right in front of me on the white table cloth.. a HUGE coffee spill.. I like yelled at him for like the rest of the night and gave him the silent treatment.. I probably overreacted but what can I say.. I was so mad!

barbecue shrimp at a small sports bar we stopped by

 my favorite fried green tomatoes that i've had before at the same sports bar... by far the best I've ever had

virgin mojito at again the same sports bar

this is a snapchat sorry! but we went to felix's right when we got there and i ordered half a dozen raw and half a dozen char-grilled.. both were amazing.. i feel like i'm saying amazing way too much but It is new orleans.. 

by the way if you go to commander's palace.. whether you're 50 years old or 7 years old  you HAVE to get  cousin is addicted to lemonade and he asked for it there.. but they didn't usually make it so they made one in the bar.. it was magical. I think everyone at my table ended up getting one! It was.. well.. amazing! 

so basically all this post is saying is that New Orleans is perfect. End of the sentence.

                                   XOXO- Cecilia A.


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