My cookbook collection/ New Orleans trip!

Hey there! So if you remember my New Orleans post and my collecting post I was talking about my cookbook collection, well it has grown!
I went back to New Orleans for my cousins graduation and it was so much fun like always! Amazing food like always... But anyways I went back to Kitchen Witch the old cookbook store and the same guy and his dog were there! I found 2 more cookbooks to add to my collection! It will be listed down below!

My collection:

1. Brennan's Cookbook- 1961 (i believe) copyright- got it from a lady in a restaurant
2. The Art of Creole Cooking- 1962 copyright- got it for my birthday
3. The Art of Mastering French Cooking- 1970 copyright- bought it for no particular reason- Julia Child is very inspiring and I bought it because of the movie "Julie and Julia"
4. The Joy of Cooking- 1975 copyright- Julia Child's favorite cookbook- wanted 1954 but too expensive. I want to look for a deal on the 1931 original printing which is usually $4000!
5. The Nashville Cookbook- 1976, 1977 copyright- got it because Nashville is where I originally grew up!

Well that's my cookbook collection so far! I'm very content considering I started in October!

                                                                                       -XOCO Cecilia A.


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