Christmas 2012

Hey! Sorry i havent been posting lately but i decided to do a post on christmas! First i got... A JUICER! It was really nice and our friends get it for me! I love it an i have had so much fun juicing fruits and vegetables! My favorite drink i have juiced yet was pear apple orange or banana orange apple kumquat mint and lime! They were both delicious! You can juice anything! Lemons, vegetables, greens, all types of fruit and it's so easy! I got the Breville Juice Fountain Multi Speed.  Next i got a really cool cake pan. One cake spot is the cupcake and the other is the icing and you fill both up with batter. Once it's done cooking and cooling you put the "icing" on top!
Then my mom and i together got a bread maker! I havent made any bread in it yet but my mom has and we are both very excited! My whole family thought it was the best bread we had ever had! It was so fresh and crispy!
Lastly my mom got a Nesspresso which makes coffee, lattes, cappecino, and expressos! We had a great christmas and I'm so excited to use all of our new cooking appliances!

                                                Xoxo - cecilia


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