What I Am Collecting?- Old Cookbooks!!!!!!

Hey I just wanted to make a post with me just talking!

So when I was younger I collected anything poodle! Then once that stopped I wanted to collect something else! But I could't figure out what to collect... so 5 years later I found it! It all happened 2 weeks ago! I was walking down the streets of downtown New Orleans with my family when we walked into a shop filled with walls and walls of cookbooks and books about cooking! Old, new, used, vintage, food network chefs, and single copied ones!

Well my mom gave me the idea of collecting vintage and old cookbooks or historical cookbooks like ones that there are only a few of in the country! So I bought a book called Letters To A Young Chef! I know its not an old book but I have been wanting it since the summer and basically all it is is an amazing book about how this guy became a chef and his journey and its very good! I hate reading but when it comes to cooking books I'm all for it!

Then that night we went to a restaurant and I talked to this random women about cooking and then when she left she came back with a cookbook and poster of an old chef and handed them to me, gave me her card and left! It was an interesting experience but anyways that restaurant was amazing!!!!!! I forgot the name but it had a small menu with amazing food! Escargot, mussels, the best cheese platter and bread ever, duck, rabbit, homemade sausage and much much more! So basically here are all the old cookbooks I have so far:

Brennan's Cookbook- a story about the family and the restaurant, btw we went to that restaurant for brunch and it was amazing!!!!
Julia Child's Mastering The Art Of French Cooking!

I know its only 2 but hopefully I will get more for my birthday and christmas!

                                                                     - XOXO Cecilia


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