New Orleans Update!

Hey There! I just went to New Orleans for the first time a couple weekends ago and wanted to talk about that!!!! I went from saturday- monday!

First off let me say, going to New Orleans was the best experience I have ever had! Here's why!

The food is absolutely amazing! We went to amazing restaurants and I loved that experience!
We went to Cafe Du Monde 2 times, Brennan's Restaurant, Napoleon's, Phylix's, a sports restaurant, another sports restaurant, and some other amazing restaurant. We visited so many amazing shops like cooking shops, clothing shops, antique shops, and a lot more.

Just walking around is an amazing experience with all the street performers and such and such!!!
My favorite store was "Kitchen Witch". It was an old cookbook shop!

Well thats all for now!

                                                           -XOXO Cecilia


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