Halloween Party Ideas!!!!

Hey everybody! I wanted to give out some halloween party ideas! I have 12 food ideas, party games, party favors, costume ideas, beverages, and design.

Food: (I will try to put up recipes for most of these)

1. Chili!!!!!
2. Vegetable or Fruit Platters
3. Roasted pumpkin seeds (will post recipe)
4. Spaghetti Tacos! (will post recipe)
5. Pigs in a Blanket with Mustard- always a good halloween treat
6. Any fun dip will work!! I will post a recipe for one!
1. Tripple Layer Brownies! Will post a recipe
2. Meringue Cookies
3. S'more Pie- I have my recipe up for that (Cecilia's Needs To Be Famous S'more Pie)
4. Cookies
5.Pumpkin & Walnut Cupcakes- will post recipe
6. Melon Balls

Games: We are having a halloween party at our school and my friend and I are planning the games so here are some ideas: Very typical games.

1. Dance Party! With Halloween Music such as Thriller by Michael Jackson.
2. Karaoke!
3. Halloween Hangman
4. Bingo
5. Pictionary
6. Charades
7. Truth or Dare - Would You Rather

Party Favor Ideas:

1. Cookies in a Jar- Cookie mix in a jar with flour and sugar, salt, baking powder/soda and then M&Ms on top.
2. Candy! (That's whats Halloween is for!!)
3. This is for girls but if you have a small group you could give them Small Travel Size Products from Bath and Body Works!!!!
4. A Sweet Cece's Gift Card! - I'm obsessed with that place!
----Thats all I got!

Halloween Costume Ideas!: I'm going to be Mustard and Ketchup with my friend!
I'm mustard she's ketchup! You can get the costumes from Party City or Amazon! And a lot of other places too!

1. The typical: Witch, Mummy, Vampire, Ghost, Black Cat, Pumpkin!
2. An awesome......Gothic Butterfly! I dont know, that was what I was 2 years ago!
3. Your favorite Actor- Actress
4. Any food item!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5. This was my last minute costume idea last year: Disco! I just pulled it out of my closet!
6. Be yourself! It might scare somebody!!!
7. Invite your best friend over that night and be each other.

                                                            -XOXO Cecilia


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