Sauteed Vegetables

My brother's favorite food of mine is sauteed bell peppers. I usually do some zucchini and mushrooms along with it also. Here's the recipe:

2 bell peppers; yellow and red
about 8 small portobello mushrooms; stems cut
1 long zucchini; sliced into thin moons
1/4 cup red wine
3 tbs. olive oil
1/4 cup balsamic vinegar
salt and pepper
1 lemon

HOW: Heat a saute pan with the olive oil on medium heat. Cut up all your vegetables. Julienne the peppers. Cut off the stems of the mushrooms and cut in half. Slice the zucchini into thin moons/circles. Put your vegetables in the pan and add the salt, pepper, and balsamic into it. Stir. Cook for 5 minutes. Turn on simmer and then add the red wine. Put a lid on it and cook for 5 more minutes. Juice 1 lemon on top. ENJOY!!!!!!!!


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