Perfect Turkey Burger: The Juicy Lucy

Hey we just made burgers and I made the turkey ones. We do some beef and some turkey. In a bowl I just mixed 2 packages of ground turkey, 1 cup worcestershire sauce, LOTS of salt and pepper, some garlic salt, chili powder, and dried thyme. I just mixed it up and patted it out. On mine I made a Juicy Lucy which is a burger stuffed with cheese. I made to small patties and put a handful of cheese on top. Then I squashed them together and formed them into a huge burger. Then I flattened it out. Put it on a grill and cook it then turn of heat and lay a piece of cheese on top. Then I took a wheat bun and layer 1 tomato and some ketchup on top of the burger. Close it and EAT!! I ate half of it and then wrapped the rest up in foil for tomorrow!! Here is a pic:


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