Hey, here's my blog about the spice shop I love! For a long time I loved cumin seed because it was so smokey and peppery. It was the only spice I ever used, then I realized you can't put cumin on everything... I learned that the hard way. Well, I'm all about spice, flavor, creativity, different things to try and all so I really wanted to do this post. My favorite spice ever out of these kinds and well my favorite spice ever is Park Hill Maple & Pepper Spice. It has a smokey, spicy kick to it and then at the end you get a hint of sweetness. It's all my favorite flavors put in one! I used it in my apricot stuffed chicken. They also have all these different crazy spices and I think that's why I love it so much. Some of my fav's are crab & shrimp boil, Green Forest Mix, Hot chili powder... (I use that in everything I need spice in), tons of curry spices and even some popcorn spices like cheddar cheese, honey butter, and some other spices. They also have a bunch of fajita spices, organic vanilla extract, real cane sugar, and some real cool different sugars. If you love extremely cool spices and flavor I beg you to go check out there website. I'll post it underneath. These are the categories our friends sent us... they came in boxes:
Salt-free  spices
organic spices
popcorn spices
curry spices
bayou spices
Herby spices
and each one of them had like bay leafs or nutmeg or cinnamon sticks and stuff like that for decoration... which my mom boiled and made good smelling stuff. Here's the link to the website:

Here is a pic of my favorite spice (the maple spice one):


Sandy said…
Yummy! Those spices sound GREAT!

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